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What is Fitculator?

Fitculator is a diet plan with workouts and recipes. The diet plan is $1.99 which is very cheap compared to most plans available online.

Once you answer the questions you get a meal plan and access to workout and recipe sites. They will send your login details via email. From the workout site. you will get a lot of good workout plans, how-to and many more


Mind you, the whole workout plan will definately cost more than $1.99 after your first 7days, make sure you read their terms of service. ” I understand and acknowledge that in addition to receiving access to my digital “Fitculator” for which I agree to pay the initial fees of $1.99, I am additionally consenting to be billed $23.95 after seven (7) days of the purchase and then again every 30 days thereafter on the credit card provided to continue having access, unless I cancel the service prior to the subsequent billing. “

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